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Babeasca Neagra

Babeasca Neagra is an old native Romanian - Moldovan wine grape variety.[1] It is cultivated in the south of Moldova and in Romania (region of Moldavia, Dobruja and Wallachia),[2] and is the second most planted grape variety in Romania, with about 6,300 hectares (16,000 acres) in 2005. The name Babeasca Neagra means "grandmother's grape".[3]

Most wines produced from Babeasca Neagra are light, fruity red wines.[3]

Babeasca Neagra is also known under the synonyms[clarification needed] Aldarusa, Asil Kara, Babeasca, Babiasca Niagra, Babiaska Niagra, Bobiaska Niagra, Bobyaksa Nigra, Bobyaska Nyagra, Caldarusa, Chernyi Redkii, Chernyl Redkyl, Ciornai Redchii, Cracana, Cracanata, Crecanate, Goldaroucha, Grossmuttertraube, Hexentraube, Kaouchanskii, Koldaroucha, Koldarusha, Koldursha, Koptchak, Koptchakk, Krekanat, Krekanate, Niagra Rara, Nyagra Rara, Poama Rara Neagra, Poma Rara Niagra, Poma Rara Nyagra, Racanata, Rara Neagra, Rara Negra Moldarsky, Rara Niagra, Rara Nyagra, Raraneagra, Raschirata, Rastopirka, Rastopyrka, Rastrepa, Rastreppa, Rastriopa, Redkyi Chernyi, Rekhavo Grazdi, Rekhavo Grozdi, Rekhavo Grozdy, Richkirate, Richkiriata, Riedkym, Rimtsurate, Rimtzourate, Rindsourata, Rishki Rate, Rossmuffertraube, Rostopiska, Rostopoveska, Rychkirate, Rymourate, Rympurate, Ryshkirate, Saesser, Sassep, Sasser, Serecsia, Serectia, Sereksia Chornaya, Sereksiya, Sereksiya Chernaya, Sereksiya Tschiornaya, Serexia, Serexia Noir, Serexia Tcheurnaia, Sesser, Stropaty, Stropatyi, Tchernyi Redkii, Tcheurny Redky, Timofeevka, Tsotler, and Tsotlyar.[1]


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